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Pg. 6 published on 3 Comments on Pg. 6

You can see somethin on the clouds, you will get later at the end of this chapter.

Lets talk about the character here:

The gree-blue one is called Litus and his name mean coast in latin. His powers are ice, water, wind and light. He is pretty young, something like 70year old (thats like 14 years old for humans) and is son of a bakers and a fishman.
The yellow female is called Phoenix, I didnt think much about her, but her design was based on the bird. She have fire powers but i havent think on her other powers and is young as Litus, similar age, something like 60 years or something.
The orange-bald one on the 3rd panel is called Aestus, mean heat or warm on latin and he is dad of Phoenix. Again, I didnt think much of him but he pretty much use fire and earth on his powers.
The purple-yellow one on the BG is called Gramma and his design is based on the fish called gramma loreto, you saw it as one of the fishies on Finding Nemo.
Then there is the lovely Baobab (Bao or Bab for short) Her name come from a tree from africa, and as you can see her design was strongly inspired in african culture, To be honest there is not much that I can tell you about her beyond that she got some earth powers and is very easy going.
The blue-yellow one with the fish rod is called Hydruxen and his name come from hydrogen and I think it in latin mean water begetter or something like that. Of course he have water power, also ice and acid, didnt think on the last one but it think it may be lighnings. He is one of the fishermen from the town.
The black skinny female is called Corvus, that mean raven/crow, due to her color.
Then there is this 2 child on the BG the grey-silver one is called Argentum from the word silver in latin. I didnt think on the name of the pink-female one, but for now im gonna call her Watermelon because I use watermelon colors.

I hope you enjoy this character info.

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