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Pg. 33 published on

So far one of my favorite pages until now, specially panel number 3, I dedicate a whole day just to make the BG in that particular panel. As I hate doing houses or buildings I still need to learn them, because will use them sooner or later on the comic, so while in prev pages I avoid them at all cost, finally added one, plus I add a lot of characters on this BG so crowd make it look the scene more alive.

Now this page is one of my favorites not only because of the BG on it, but also try to add some character motivation on here, specially with Addac, as most people jump really quick to judge his motivations, no only comic character but readers too. He think that they need some changes as this will be explained later on the comic, and have conflics about the leadership of Marine, as this last one doesnt see the point and want everything to stay as it is now.

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