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A little history about this page when I submit it in DA a few months back. People have ask me when the fight is gonna start, most people in a polite way, but not all. I got a really nasty note on DA with a big discution of when I should do the fight itself. I was really tempted to tell them “the fight start when it start, deal with it” because I just simple dont want to hurry it.

So far I finished the messy sketch from the whole chapter so I can tell you it was not a short chapter at all specially for more dynamic poses and develop the story. I just dont want to hurry things so I make them at the rythm that make me confortable and that things end well explained. This is my subtle way to tell you “fuck you I do the things the way I want”.

But was more of a fun joke for me at the time for very impatient people.

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